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New Version of Expression Web SuperPreview for Internet Explorer Available

There is a new version available for Microsoft Expression SuperPreview for Windows Internet Explorer. Expression Web SuperPreview for Internet Explorer is a visual debugging tool that makes it easier to migrate your web sites from Internet Explorer 6 to Internet Explorer 7 or 8.

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Really Cool Internet Explorer 6 – But how will it perform on 400 MHz?

I have downloaded the new emulator images [1] and I’m really impressed that the IE6 render engine [2] really fits in such a small device. I have created some screenshots below.

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Internet Explorer 8 - Evaluators' Guide and IE8 Demo Site

image I found a nice document at Microsoft Download showing all the new features in Internet Explorer 8 [1] which is currently in beta:

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Internet Explorer 6 running on Windows Mobile - Do I have to wait for WM7?

Microsoft has canceled the Deepfish [1] research project lab. I was not sure if I would love the Deepfish browser as there was a big lack of missing features like AJAX, JavaScript, Flash/Silverlight. Yesterday I read in the news that Microsoft will port their Internet Explorer 6 render engine to Windows Mobile [2]. Hey, does this mean that Internet Explorer 6 will get a rebirth?

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Friday, September 12, 2008

Microsoft Live Labs - Deepfish Project Canceled

deepfish Some of you have heard about the Deepfish project at Microsoft Research. In March 2007 Microsoft announced [1] a new mobile Web browser to bring desktop-like browsing to mobile devices. Since some days the Deepfish project Web site has been removed, you'll get an http 404 (file not found) or get redirected to the new Live Labs overview [2] (there is only one page a Microsoft New Zealand talking still about Deepfish [3]). Deepfish is canceled, and there is no other news about a better Web experience on Windows Mobile devices.

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Google Chrome Crawls HTTPS Content – Where is my privacy?

Yesterday I was playing around with Google Chrome [1]. Yes, it is a very simple UI and I love this. One of my comments at the IE8 roundtable in Berlin was that I would like to get all the options and configuration dialogs replaced by a HTML page inside the browser (similar to about:config). Well, when playing with the history search which looks really cool I noticed that Google crawls all my content. It doesn’t matter if you are using http or https.

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Friday, September 5, 2008

Browser War 2.0

logo_sm Yesterday Google announced [1] that they are working on a own Web browser. The first beta version will be available for Windows today in more than 100 countires, Mac and Linux versions are coming soon. An official starting point could be http://www.google.com/chrome [2] as it returns an http error 404 instead of a simple redirect to the Google search.

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Tuesday, September 2, 2008

TODO: Internet Explorer 8

I will collect some of my thoughts about the current beta 2 of Internet Explorer 8 [1] I have noticed during IE8 community roundtable [2] last week:

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Monday, September 1, 2008

Internet Explorer 8 Expert Chat Zone Resume

Internet Explorer 8 [1] is in beta and we're able to improve features that we need. Last week I sent a short message to the Microsoft DPE here in Germany with some comments what I like more in Firefox 3 [2] than in Internet Explorer. Well, there are a couple of great features like the star-it function to easily bookmark a Web page. Another great feature in Firefox 3 is that you are able to input any part of a visited URL or parts of the title that a visited page was using i.e. when you want to open Google Analytics you only have to enter "analy" and select the URL below, really clever.

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Thursday, July 17, 2008

My own small .NET Micro Framework Web Server

While developing my small Ajax.NET M! library [1] for creating Web applications that run on the .NET Micro Framework [2] I have started to write my own Web server. Some years ago I wrote a simple SMTP/POP server [3] and using some code from there was a great help. The first version will only return static HTML pages e.g. for documentation or help files. As there is no file system on those devices I use the embedded resource strings to return the content.

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ajax.NET M! - The .NET Micro Framework AJAX Library

The embeddedworld2008 [1] is over and I had some time to play around with Microsoft .NET Micro Framework [2] devices. I can remember that I had a look on it during the first available betas on Microsoft Connect, but then stopped watching it because of the missing TCP/IP stack. The now available version 2.5 of the .NET Micro Framework [3] adds this directly in the framework. Other device manufactures have implemented their own TCP/IP stack, and such a device I have bought at the embeddedworld2008.

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Wednesday, March 5, 2008

How to... use Class Libraries with ASP.NET AJAX like AjaxPro

Using Ajax.NET Professional [1] (AjaxPro) you are able to put you AJAX methods wherever you want, if inside the Page class itself, any .NET class in the same project or as a reference class library. To generate the AJAX client-side JavaScript proxies the AjaxPro library checks for all public methods inside a specified type that are marked with the [AjaxMethod] attribute. The only thing you have to add to the Page class (in the Page_Load event) is the call to AjaxPro.Utility.RegisterTypeForAjax(typeof(ClassName)).WebApplication1 - Microsoft Visual Studio

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Volta - Microsoft Live Labs

Volta - Microsoft Live LabsOn December 5th last year Microsoft Live Labs announced the Volta technology preview [1], a developer toolset for building multi-tier web applications using existing and familiar tools, techniques and patterns. You architect and built your application as a .NET client application, assigning the portions of the application that run on the server tier and client tier late in the development process. You can target either web browsers or the CLR as clients and Volta handles the complexities of tier-splitting. The compiler creates cross-browser JavaScript for the client tier, web services for the server tier, and all communication, serialization, synchronization, security, and other boilerplate code to tie the tiers together. In effect, Volta offers a best-effort experience i n multiple environments without requiring tailoring of the application.

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Thursday, January 3, 2008

.NET AJAX Survey Results

Simone [1] has finished the survey and published the results of the survey about the usage of AJAX among .NET web developers [2]. The results are very interesting. The most used AJAX toolkit is ASP.NET AJAX [3] with about 73.7% followed by the AJAX Control Toolkit [4] which is used by almost half of the .NET developers that are using AJAX.

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Friday, December 21, 2007

MVC Web Application and JSON

I like the MVC (Model View Controller) framework which is available as a public CTP, now. You can download the latest bits with the ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions CTP Preview [1]. You will find further links at Scott Guthrie's posts tagged with MVC [2].

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Wednesday, December 19, 2007

[de] Dodned (.NET) Usergroup Franken 29.11.2007

Wer Web Anwendungen schreibt, der kommt um JavaScript nicht vorbei. Egal welche Web Server Controls man verwendet, wenn's am Client nicht mehr weitergeht oder etwas verbesser werden muss, ist JavaScript die Nummer 1. Auch die ganze AJAX Programmierung verwendet JavaScript am Client.

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Monday, November 26, 2007

Rich Media Platform Comparison

I found a nice table which will show a comparison between Microsoft products and Flash/Flex:

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Thursday, April 19, 2007

Microsoft Live Labs - DeepFish Experience

Some weeks ago I installed the DeepFish Technology Preview [1] which will enhance existing mobile browsing technologies by displaying content in a view that is closer to the desktop experience. After installation was finished I was very anxious to see how it is working. I have several Windows mobile devices I can test. The first was a Qtek 9100 using a GSM Internet connection (9.600 baud, is my modem at home which I can use at no cost). Oh, what will the benefit be when using Deepfish compared with the built-in Internet Explorer?

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Web Developer Tools

Taylor Hayward [1] has launched a new web site that will collect useful helpers for web developers, a lot of great examples and free icons or images, thePeoplesToolbox [2].

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Thursday, December 21, 2006