Ajax.NET M! - The .NET Micro Framework AJAX Library

Michael Schwarz on Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The embeddedworld2008 [1] is over and I had some time to play around with Microsoft .NET Micro Framework [2] devices. I can remember that I had a look on it during the first available betas on Microsoft Connect, but then stopped watching it because of the missing TCP/IP stack. The now available version 2.5 of the .NET Micro Framework [3] adds this directly in the framework. Other device manufactures have implemented their own TCP/IP stack, and such a device I have bought at the embeddedworld2008.

Today I'd like to announce that I have ported my well known AJAX library Ajax.NET Professional [4] (AjaxPro) to the .NET Micro Framework: here is Ajax.NET M!.

Wow, I love to see one of my first Web applications running on a small network device (I'm currently using Connect ME from Digi [5]). If you are already familiar with AjaxPro you should be able to use it in seconds, as there is no real difference in how to use it compared with the Professional version. Well, the .NET Micro Framework has some restrictions like missing often used methods and classes (like StringBuilder, int.Parse,...). But this is no reason to not develop great Web enabled small devices that e.g. will control your home.

If you never heard from the .NET Micro Framework, here are some links to look at:

Hardware currently available (most of them a .NET Micro Framework v. 2.0, new v. 2.5 devices are available in the next weeks):

Stay tuned...!