.NET AJAX Survey Results

Michael Schwarz on Friday, December 21, 2007

Simone [1] has finished the survey and published the results of the survey about the usage of AJAX among .NET web developers [2]. The results are very interesting. The most used AJAX toolkit is ASP.NET AJAX [3] with about 73.7% followed by the AJAX Control Toolkit [4] which is used by almost half of the .NET developers that are using AJAX.

The second mosed used framework after the Microsoft one are my Ajax.NET Professional [5] and jQuery [6], both used by 13.3% of the users. As I know there are many web developers that are combining jQuery and my lib because they fit together very good.

Top10_3 [7]

I'm very happy to see  my library right after the Microsoft ones. As this is a private project only I see that the idea of use AJAX only for data exchange is still alive. I still prefer the use of AJAX as a REST interface, doesn't matter if it is a web application written with HTML/JavaScript or Silverlight. I love the JSON [8] format! The feedback I get from other web developers often is that they try to use a third-party control, working with it, stumble over several errors or behaviors they cannot live with, and then creating their own controls using an AJAX framework/raw XHR combined with a great JavaScript library like jQuery.

For more details have a look at the full story: Simone's .NET AJAX survey results [2].