Silverlight 2, Images,... running on .NET Micro Framework Web Server

Michael Schwarz on Thursday, March 6, 2008

The next beta of Silverlight 2 [1] is available online since yesterday. Another announcement appeared in the news [2] is that Silverlight (maybe only version 1.0 for now) will be available on Windows Mobile 6  and Nokia S60 and S40.

Last evening I could add an Silverlight 2 control on my .NET Micro Framework device talking to my Web server [3] that is controlling some LEDs. Wow, Silverlight connects to .NET Micro! I'm sure that it is very nice to have screen and other status information available through a Web server and displayed on a Silverlight applet that is looking the same as the original one. To not duplicate the presentation code it would be great if WPF in .NET Micro Framework would fit in the Silverlight XAML code, but I'm sure that there are difference. Currently I have only some LEDs and buttons on the Silverlight front-end.