GHI Electronics with Touch Screen Support

Michael Schwarz on Saturday, July 12, 2008

[1]embeddedmastertft_v1 Embedded Master Module [2] is adding support for TFT LCDs on their .NET Micro Framework device. The new version is based on LPC2478 processor [3] with built in LCD controller.

The module includes a 0.5mm 40 pin connector for LQ043T3DX02 or LQ043T1DG01 TFT displays from Sharp. These color TFT LCDs are 480x272 and are compatible with LCDs used in PSP from Sony. Using any other TFT LCD is possible as well.

The new board will have 70 pins instead of 60 with more Analog inputs and PWM pins. New board is backward compatible as far as the old pins. All new pins are on the extra added space, total size 1.55x1.8 inches.

The boards will be available next.