.NET Micro Framework Library FusionWare.SPOT

Michael Schwarz on Monday, April 28, 2008

Library of classes and tools useful for development with the Microsoft .NET Micro Framework. This library originally shipped as part of the SDK for the EmbeddedFusion Tahoe Development kit [1]. All of the code was covered by a BSD like license, however since it was only included in the Tahoe kit that fact was lost and most users didn't realize that. So the plan came to place the code up on CodePlex [2] so there as no confusion about what is covered under the BSD license.

This is the new home of the FusionWare.SPOT libraries. We hope that developers will find this code useful in exploring and using the Microsoft .NET Micro Framework. We are excited about the future of the Micro Framework in embedded systems as it brings the development experience of .NET to embedded systems. There is a LOT of interest in the Micro Framework from hobbyists and academics as well as professional embedded developers. We hope these libraries make things easier and even more fun - enjoy!

There are a number of useful classes in the FusionWare.SPOT libraries including:

<li>Support for creating device drivers for devices attached to SPI and I2C buses</li> <li>Enhancements to simplify creation of custom emulators</li> <li>Classes for serial streams, MemoryStream and much much more!</li> Download it today [3], keep checking for updates and have lots of fun creating the next "gotta have it" gadget with the .NET Micro Framework!

There are new firmware updates [4] available, too.