Microsoft TCP/IP Stack on .NET Micro Framework Devices

Michael Schwarz on Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More an more devices are ready for the Microsoft TCP/IP stack that is available with the .NET Micro Framework version 2.5 introduced at the EmbeddedWorld2008 in Nuremberg.

GHI Electronics [1] have updated their firmware. Now their Embedded Master Module [2] supports DHCP and Debugging over Ethernet using the new TCP/IP stack. Bluetooth support is not yet supported, but you can plug-in a USB Bluetooth dongle and send files over Bluetooth. Embedded Master SDK is updated, too, and includes source code of the demo show in the new video [3].

Device Solutions [4] have published a new firmware release [5] yesterday that offers Ethernet. The release includes the new stack and a driver for the Microchip ENC28J60 Ethernet controller. Note that this version is an evaluation version [6] which will only run for 30 continuous days. There will be a Ethernet add-on board [7] available in May 2008. Download and debug of application is still setup to use USB.

Digi Connect ME [8] added a own TCP/IP stack with the older version 2.0 already. Until now I didn't get any news if they will offer a firmware upgrade for 2.5. Download and debug is running over Ethernet, USB and serial port.