Nintendo Wii and Silverlight: Tracking Your Fingers

Michael Schwarz on Thursday, December 20, 2007

While writing my Silverlight wish list I found a very nice project. Johnny Ching Lee [1] is using the controller (Wiimote) of the Nintendo Wii to track fingers [2]. The controller does not need the Nintendo Wii [3] console, simple the controller and a bluetooth connection [4] is enough. Combining this project with WPF or Silverlight would be the answer of one of my wishes. (Well, I know what I will try during the holidays.)

While searching the Internet I found a managed library for Nintendo's Wiimote [5]. The source code for this library is available at [6].

Other Finger Tracking Systems

In the following short video Michael Dell shows the new Dell [7] Latitude XT which has multi-touch capabilities. I'm very tight if this type of Tablet PC will be available next to buy. I will be one of the first, sure.

Another project is the Microsoft Surface table which is currently not available in Europe. The Surface team [8] has a new blog where you can read about the latest news.