SwirlChat Module v2 (for DNN)

Michael Schwarz on Monday, July 30, 2007

swirlhost [1] has released their new chat module [2] that is designed specifically for DotNetNuke [3]:

"Since the success of the original SwirlChat version 1.0, we've been scouring our New Features forums and listening to customer feedback to help us produce a chat application that meets the demands of the DotNetNuke community. It's been a long journey for our development team, spending many sleepless nights making sure we produce what everyone has been asking for. Well, now the wait is over. Come experience the new SwirlChat Module 2.0 for DotNetNuke: http://www.swirlhost.com/chatroom [4]."

The chat module is based on Ajax.NET Professional [5] and contains a lot of new features: