New Examples and Tutorials

Michael Schwarz on Friday, June 8, 2007

During the last days I have added some new tutorials [1] and examples [2] to my list. Dave Campbell sent me a short message that he has already a kind of Silverlight examples collection. Have a look on his list of Silverlight tagged articles he wrote [3] and external Silverlight examples as well [4].

There is starting a new series of Silverlight JavaScript Tutorial [5]. The first article is about how to add Silverlight to a Web page [6].

Rob Conery [7] did his Day 2 article about how to create a data-driven control [8] in Silverlight.

Silverlight Features

Tim Sneath [9] writes on his blog about that Silverlight isn't just about presentation [10] and that there are enough that link Silverlight always with user interface developing. Yes, I thought the same already, everybody is thinking about UI. UI with XAML is only a small part of the great features that Silverlight offers.

Brad Abrams [11] posted a new PhotoViewer application [12] which supports great UI features like panning an dzooming effects, but he also added FileUpload and Networking to his example (incl. source code [13]).

Scott Wisniewski from the Visual Basic Team [14] wrotes about the difference between VB 9, VBx and Silverlight [15].

Webcast Follow Up

Those who have attended to the Silverlight webcast on 6th June: here [16] are the links to download the quickstart examples [17] from Marc.