How do I hack a web site?

Michael Schwarz on Wednesday, January 10, 2007

On next Tuesday I will talk at the .NET User Group in Munich / Germany [1] about following topics:

<li><a href="">Ongoing talk</a> about&nbsp;Yahoo! UI experience with Dom.js, Element.js and Event.js and the <a href="">YUI-EXT components</a></li><li>A short introduction about WPF/E (how to use WPF/E as UI for AJAX web applications? where are the main problems?)</li><li>How do I hack a web site? I will show how the <a href="/mschwarz/archive/2007/01/03/pending-members-google-groups-xss-bug-part-2.aspx">Google Groups bug</a> was working and how we can get rid of them. Maybe I have time to show some web sites live with similar bugs or problems.</li><li>JSON requests done inside console applications (live example): how can I use common web sites in my own applications (instead of using a web service with SOAP)?</li><li>If there is more time I will show a Fiddler plugin which will collect data to create Web Test for Visual Studio .NET 2005 Team Edition including AJAX requests.</li> See more details on the event page [2].