Download Ajax.NET source code, now!

Michael Schwarz on Thursday, August 11, 2005

Update: Have a look at Ajax.NET Professional at [1]. The Web site of BorgWorX is not available any more.

The source code is now available at SediSys. You can download the source code of the Ajax.NET library with any SVN client ( [2]). Beside the official command-line client programm a comfortable Windows GUI client can be found at [ [3]]( For anonymous access use /BorgWorX [4]. You will find the Ajax.NET library in the folder /trunk/Web/Core/Ajax.

There is a Wiki available at [5] where we will build a documentation for Ajax.NET.

If you have source code changes please send it me or Christian Hubinger (SediSys). We will merge the changes with the Ajax.NET source code.

Update: The forum is available at [6].