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Enums working with the new library

As enums are not working very good using my Ajax.NET library I have added a new implementation of handling enums. Each enum value will be returned as the integer value inside the enum.

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Ajax.NET Professional and how we can secure our calls

I had some requests asking if it would be possible to encrypt the JSON string without changing the common.js or any other file. Yes, you will be able to integrate your encryption algorithm. In the first version I will add a simple encryption to show you how encryption will work. For each Ajax.NET method you can define if you want to use it or not.

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Ajax.NET Professional Demonstation Site

I'm working on a first demonstration site for Ajax.NET Professional. Maybe you can help me to decide which examples you want to see: AutoComplete, Banners, HtmlUpdater, FormUpdater, ...

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Microsoft Atlas Framwork - was bringt uns AJAX?

Das Microsoft Atlas Framework [1] wird erstmals zur PDC 05 in Los Angeles der Öffentlichkeit vorgestellt. Wer es nicht mehr zu einer Anmeldung geschafft hat, ist herzlichst eingeladen die VS2005 Konferenz in Rosenheim bei München vom 30. November bis 1. Dezember zu besuchen. Mehr Infos gibt es im Konferenzflyer [2] und auf den Web Seiten unter http://www.vs2005.de/ [3].

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Friday, August 26, 2005

Combine JavaScript, Ajax and WebControls

There are a lot of ways how to combine these three technologies: JavaScript, Ajax and WebControls. One problem is how a control can be rendered on the client-side JavaScript and on the server-side. If you have a look at http://demo2.pctopp.com/default.aspx [1] (username and password "danny", demo is only working in Internet Explorer 5.x or higher) you can see at the right side a green box with some counting values. If you refresh the page the initial values are already there. On the server I write the initial values as a JavaScript variable to the HTML page using the Ajax.JSON.DefaultConverter:

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Thursday, August 25, 2005

JavaScript and Namespaces (howto)

On one of my last blogs [1] I wrote about the way using namespaces in JavaScript. Some developers asked me how to create namespaces in JavaScript. Following short example will have a registerNS method which will create the necessary objects (our namespaces).

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Thursday, August 25, 2005

Google Talk is cool!

I have downloaded the new Google Talk IM Client [1], really cool! I love the new UI. You can reach me at my Gmail account michael.schwarz. For those of you do not have a Gmail account: https://www.google.com/accounts/SmsMailSignup1 [2] or write me a message (I still have enough invitations). What I am missing is a simple file transfer and getting a notify if someone is connecting. But the VoIP call is working great.

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Wednesday, August 24, 2005

XMLHttpRequest in Internet Explorer without ActiveX Controls

While working on my new library I was looking on the JavaScript code to support more browsers. My first job was to create a XMLHttpRequest wrapper for the Internet Explorer if the "Enable safe ActiveX Controls" settings is disabled. I have done a first example (download script at http://ajax.schwarz-interactive.de/download/xmlhttpifr.js [1]):

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Wednesday, August 24, 2005

BorgWorX Ajax.NET - howto get a free license

Because there are a lot of developers frustrated by the license of the BorgWorX Ajax.NET source code I will help [1] you how to use the source code in your environment. If you send me your email and mailing address including company name you will get a license to use the Ajax.NET source code in your projects. The only thing you have to do is: send bugfixes or new features (C# source code) to one of the authors email address or using SVN (account needed first). You are not allowed to create a standalone AJAX library with the Ajax.NET source code. Build your own controls using the powerful Ajax.NET library.

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Google Talk website online

If you have already heard about the Google Instant Messanger client Google Talk [1], the domain is already available: http://talk.google.com/ [2]. This sub domain will redirect to http://www.google.com/talk/ [3] like Gmail and other Google Services are redirecting. So, we have to wait... maybe until tomorrow [1]? See more details on Google News [4].

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Very cool DataGrid for Ajax.NET

I got some requests for a DataGrid on the client-side JavaScript. On my own I create small HTML tables either by using the DOM or a simply string. I found one cool control that can be used with the Ajax.NET library: ActiveWidgets Grid [1]. This control can be used with XML, CSV or JavaScript arrays. I have done a small demo and changed some parts that it will accept Ajax.NET DataTables. Do you know any other control that is working on the client-side JavaScript?

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Sunday, August 21, 2005

Using NameSpaces in JavaScript

For those of you still working with the problem of same variable names in JavaScript. Why don't use namespaces on the client, too? On my working library I have added this feature and some namespace-related methods to all my JavaScript files:

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Friday, August 19, 2005

BorgWorX - The Open Source development platform for Ajax.NET

Christian Hubinger has updated the Wiki at http://www.borgworx.com/ [1]. You will find detailed information how you can get a license to use the Ajax.NET library in your projects. Also, Christian has added a info how you can become a BorgWorX developer [2] to submit changes using the SVN repository. A forum will be online next week, too.

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Friday, August 19, 2005

Ajax.NET Support

The first AJAX enabled library for Microsoft .NET (Ajax.NET) is about 5 months old, now. The large acceptance has killed my inbox and I have still about 130 unread emails. Sorry, but I need more time to answer all your emails. If you have only quick questions feel free to contact me using MSN Messenger (passport @ schwarz-interactive.de).

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Ajax.NET Professional - what are you missing?

As I wrote on one of my last blogs I'm working on a new AJAX library for .NET. There are a lot of AJAX JavaScript libraries available, and I will have a look on those who are interesting for the Microsoft .NET Framework. Maybe you have one that is very cool or has a lot of features build-in, let me know! Like other libraries or controls I do not want to replace the default postback machanism of ASP.NET. Also some libraries are using a own Page, or using an interfaces that you have to deal with. I still will use something like a automatic register helper method.

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Monday, August 15, 2005

Ajax.NET - Key Benefits and Ideas

I have published my internal slides about the key benefits of the Ajax.NET library [1]. The ideas depend on the feedback I got from developers around the world.

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Monday, August 15, 2005

Download Ajax.NET source code, now!

Update: Have a look at Ajax.NET Professional at http://www.ajaxpro.info/ [1]. The Web site of BorgWorX is not available any more.

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Thursday, August 11, 2005

What is AJAX? And why we (don't) use AJAX...

I read the blog from Wallace What is AJAX [1]? Yes, what is AJAX and why do we want to use AJAX?

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Monday, August 8, 2005

AJAX and the Search Engine Problems

There are already thousands of web sites using AJAX or similar techniques. One problem all of them have is the point that web crawlers will only search for HREF, SRC or some other link tags. I never saw a web crawler that is searching for AJAX JavaScript proxies. I think web developers only see the benefit of AJAX for the speed/performance advantage of web sites. If you want to build web sites that will be reachable through search engines you have to write two sites, one with the usage of AJAX for the human visitor and one for web crawlers that will need the complete HTML/text of the page.

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Saturday, August 6, 2005

Ajax.NET Source Code moved to SediSys

Since the day before yesterday SediSys (http://www.sedisys.com [1]) is the new owner of the source code for the Ajax.NET library. SediSys will make the source code be available as an Open Source Project. Hopefully we can make the Ajax.NET library together a powerful AJAX related free library.

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Friday, August 5, 2005

WebServices and Ajax.NET

Some developers asked me if it is possible to use WebServices (WebMethods) in Ajax.NET. Yes, of course, you can add the AjaxMethod attribute to the method. Ok, you do not want to change the WebService source code? My next release will include the possibility to add a simple JavaScript line in your HTML page to access your web services from the client side.

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Monday, August 1, 2005