SMTP Server (create temporary email addresses)

Michael Schwarz on Friday, July 16, 2004

I am still developing my own SMTP server. A lot of people asked me why do I don't offer a POP3 server to get the emails. "Only a webfrontent is not enough for us...!" Ok, I started to create a POP3 server that will offer the messages. As you know already a demo server is running for the domain If you want to have a test account you can a message to (Hidden) with the subject new email and you will get the account details for your POP3 mailbox.

Click (Hidden) to get a temporary email address!

If I have time this weekend I will put the .DLLs on my webpage for download. I also add a new DNS.dll where you can get A, CNAME, MX records for domains. This is neccessary if you want to send emails directly to the SMTP server for one domain instead of using your Internet Providers SMTP server.

Note: you can only retreive messages using POP3, there is no open SMTP server at the moment to send messages to public domains.