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SMTP Server (create temporary email addresses)

I am still developing my own SMTP server. A lot of people asked me why do I don't offer a POP3 server to get the emails. "Only a webfrontent is not enough for us...!" Ok, I started to create a POP3 server that will offer the messages. As you know already a demo server is running for the domain schwarz-webtools.de. If you want to have a test account you can a message to robot @ schwarz-webtools.de with the subject new email and you will get the account details for your POP3 mailbox.

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Friday, July 16, 2004

A sample on how to use the SetCookieEx function

A lot of pages in my intranet application are using now the SetCookieEx functions. One of my .HTC components will be similar to the System.Collections.CollectionBase object in .NET. You can add this .HTC component to your page and use it f.e. for a shopping cart.

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Friday, July 16, 2004

Use Javascript objects like you do it in C#

While developing websites (intranet applications) I had to save a lot of information on the client or for a user. First, I used cookies to save information. I noticed that I can only save up to 20 cookies with a lenght of about 192 chars I searched for a new way of saving cookies. While I am only developing intranet applications for the Internet Explorer, I decided to use a webservice to save cookies.

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Friday, July 16, 2004

How to use your own IHttpHandlers without changing IIS settings

As I know there are a lot of developers that do not have a internet server with full access to the IIS (f.e. using a administrator website or remote desktop). You have to change the IIS settings for the new file extension.

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Friday, July 9, 2004