Microsoft veröffentlich neues Facebook SDK 3.0

Gestern hat Microsoft eine neue Version des Facebook SDKs[1] zum Download bereitgestellt, inzwischen ist man bei Version 3.0 angekommen. Seit der Zusammenarbeit mit Facebook im Jahr 2007 versucht man damit die .NET Entwickler bei der Entwicklung von Facebook Anwendungen zu unterstützen.

Hier mal die wichtigsten Neuerungen[2] direkt von den Microsoft Web Seiten:

  • Provide better doc and samples
  • Provide support for Silverlight
  • Provide support for ASP.NET MVC
  • Provide improved support for WPF
  • Provide improved support for FBML (FBML Server Controls)
  • Provide a login control that can be used to replace the BasePage and/or MasterPage for Canvas Development
  • Improve out of the box support for Extended Permission Prompts
  • Refactor core source to improve maintainability and design
  • Fix known bugs

Schade, dass man beim Upgrade[2] von Version 2.0/2.1 auf die neue Version 3.0 wieder einige Methoden umbenannt hat:

As part of this, we worked closely with the Concept Development Team at Microsoft to help design the Silverlight and WPF support. Also, after discussions with Microsoft it was decided that the namespaces and methods should be updated again to be more consistent with traditional .NET APIs. This will cause some breaking changes to everyone as they move to 3.0. But, the main goal is that we wanted to get it right this time so that this could become an officially supported client library. Microsoft is working with Facebook to get the toolkit identified as the officially supported library. The plan is to provide real-time support and updates to keep the toolkit in synch with the Facebook API.