Novell Forge schließt zum 15. Dezember

Michael Schwarz on Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bekomme gerade eine E-Mail von Novell, dass diese die Source Code Umgebung Novell Forge [1] zum 15. Dezember 2009 schließt:

When Novell Forge was first launched Novell recognized the need for a site dedicated to providing hosting services to a growing number of software development projects, many supporting our open source initiatives. Novell Forge quickly grew and was soon providing these service to nearly 1000 such projects. Demand for new projects has all but disappeared during the past two years while a number of additional project hosting options have begun that can provide a similar set of services to those of Novell Forge.

Now that there are many other options, Novell can turn its focus to other areas and pass the project hosting responsibilities to these other dedicated hosting sites. Novell will be decommissioning the Novell Forge system on December 15, 2009. What follows is a time line for this process which will allow owners of Novell Forge projects to locate new homes and make the transition to their new hosting site of choice.

Weiter unten in der E-Mail schlägt Novell auch gleich ein paar Alternativen vor:

Für Visual Studio Anwender bietet sich noch CodePlex unter [5] an.