30 Windows 7 Secrets – Wer hat’s schon gewusst?

Tim Sneath[1] von Microsoft hat ein paar Windows 7 Secrets[2] auf seinem Blog veröffentlicht:

  • Windows Management
  • Display Projection
  • Cut Out The Clutter
  • Multi-Monitor Windows Management
  • Command Junkies Only
  • It’s a Global Village
  • The Black Box Recorder
  • The Font of All Knowledge
  • Gabriola
  • Who Stole My Browser?
  • Rearranging the Furniture
  • Installing from a USB Memory Stick
  • I Want My Quick Launch Toolbar Back!
  • It’s a Drag
  • Standars Support
  • Windows Vista-Style Taskbar
  • Peeking at the Desktop
  • Running with Elevated Rights
  • One More of the Same, Please
  • Specialized Windows Switching
  • Walking Through the Taskbar
  • The Widscreen Tip
  • Pin Your Favorite Folders
  • Starting Explorer from “My Computer”
  • ClearType Text Tuning and Display Color Calibration
  • ISO Burning
  • Windows Mobie Maker
  • Hiding the Windows Live Messenger Icon
  • Enjoy The Fish
  • When All Else Fails…
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