ASP.NET Memory Issues

Michael Schwarz on Friday, September 12, 2008

Tess Ferrandez [1] who is an escalation engineer in product support services (PSS) at Microsoft was helping a colleague out with an OOM (OutOfMemory) situation he was dealing with. The problem [2] was that their applications memory usage would grow over time until they finally ended up with an out of memory exception. They used an older version of my Ajax.NET Professional library [3]. The bug has been noticed [4] on April 14th in 2006 and fixed some days later.

Tess is showing on his blog how she debugged the problem [2] and found the correct solution as she didn’t find anything about a bug fix. It is very good to see how she was using windbg.exe [5].

If you’re still using a version smaller than you should replace your version with the latest one from codeplex [6]. All downloads in 2007/2008 are ok.

Very nice to see what Tess is writing about AjaxPro [3]:

Normally I don't write about 3rd party products, especially issues with 3rd party products, but I know that AjaxPro is a nice AJAX library that is used by quite a few of our customers so I hope this post is of general interest, as this issue is resolved in a later version of AjaxPro.   I also hope that the post can be of use for finding other similar issues outside of AjaxPro.

I should also mention that I am posting this with the permission of Michael Schwartz who developed AjaxPro, and I must say that I was extremely impressed with the openness in his response when I asked if it was ok to post about this.  His comment was, "feel free to write about it, I love to hear critics if there are any... to improve developement and/or fix bugs".

Thanks Tess for showing how you debugged my AJAX library or at least ASP.NET! I’m reading his RSS feed [7].