Marc Julian Starting Writing

Michael Schwarz on Saturday, March 15, 2008

My oldest son Marc Julian (5 years old) will start school this summer. He's still in kindergarten and today we did some games with mathematics and writing some words, playing with what he has learned.


Well, for most German it is easy to read, but here is the translation of the words above:

<li>BLTAH which should be BILDER is in English PICTURES</li> <li>LICHT is LIGHT</li> <li>PAPIR (correct PAPIER, but hears the same) is PAPER</li> <li>RASEN (well, the S is written a little bit wrong) is GRASS</li> <li>PAPE (correct PAPPE) is PAPERBOARD</li> <li>ZAN (ok, the Z is wrong, and the correct German word is ZAHN, pronounced similar) is TOOTH</li> <li>NOTBUK, this is the English word NOTEBOOK</li> <li>AUTO is CAR</li> <li>MESSER is KNIFE</li> <li>KESE (the German &#196; instead of the first E) is CHEESE</li> <li>NASE is NOSE</li> My favorite is, of course NOTBUK and BLTAH.