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How to... use Class Libraries with ASP.NET AJAX like AjaxPro

Using Ajax.NET Professional [1] (AjaxPro) you are able to put you AJAX methods wherever you want, if inside the Page class itself, any .NET class in the same project or as a reference class library. To generate the AJAX client-side JavaScript proxies the AjaxPro library checks for all public methods inside a specified type that are marked with the [AjaxMethod] attribute. The only thing you have to add to the Page class (in the Page_Load event) is the call to AjaxPro.Utility.RegisterTypeForAjax(typeof(ClassName)).WebApplication1 - Microsoft Visual Studio

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Wednesday, January 9, 2008

How to... move from AjaxPro to ASP.NET AJAX PageMethods

In one of my last posts I blogged about the future [1] of Ajax.NET Professional [2] (AjaxPro) and that I'm not able to do further development on that project. A  lot of my readers feeling sad about this but I had to concentrate more on new technologies that will revolutionize web application development.

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Everywhere Microsoft Silverlight

To prepare my laptop for the next weeks I reinstalled my last image to get rid of all the beta software I tried the last months. Oh, I have to install Silverlight [1] to be able to develop and show some demos. While visiting some web sites from Microsoft I got a small popup showing me that I can get a better experience on that site when I install Silverlight 1.0. Here are some screen shots:

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Sunday, January 6, 2008

Future of Ajax.NET Professional

I'm happy to see that Ajax.NET Professional is used about 13.3% when using .NET related web applications [1]. Starting with my first post Using a HttpHandler and Attributes to call C# methods in JavaScript [2] in February 2005 the AJAX hype started around the world. Two months later I renamed the project to Ajax.NET [3] and added nearly all features that are the most used until today. In May 2005 Windows Mobile support [4] has been added and Ajax.NET was the only .NET framework that was able to run AJAX requests on mobile devices. In the end of 2005 I was invited to the PDC 05 in Los Angeles where I could meet Brian Goldfarb [5] and Jonathan Hawkins [6] to see how Microsoft is working on AJAX in ASP.NET (Atlas) [7]. I meet some other .NET developers and had great ideas on how AJAX will change web applications. In October I published a new product called Ajax.NET Professional [8] which was doing the same but contains several other security features. Because of a change in the JavaScript source I changed the name from Ajax.NET.

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Friday, January 4, 2008

Silverlight Rectangles, Paths and Line Comparison

More than half a year ago Dave Campbell [1], Luis Abreu [2] and I had a discussion [3] about the 1px line width problem in Silverlight and WPF [4]. A short summary of the problem when drawing lines with 1px and using an anti-alias effect:

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Friday, January 4, 2008

Volta - Microsoft Live Labs

Volta - Microsoft Live LabsOn December 5th last year Microsoft Live Labs announced the Volta technology preview [1], a developer toolset for building multi-tier web applications using existing and familiar tools, techniques and patterns. You architect and built your application as a .NET client application, assigning the portions of the application that run on the server tier and client tier late in the development process. You can target either web browsers or the CLR as clients and Volta handles the complexities of tier-splitting. The compiler creates cross-browser JavaScript for the client tier, web services for the server tier, and all communication, serialization, synchronization, security, and other boilerplate code to tie the tiers together. In effect, Volta offers a best-effort experience i n multiple environments without requiring tailoring of the application.

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Thursday, January 3, 2008

[MVP] Congratulations! You have received the Microsoft MVP Award

Wow, another gift I got from Microsoft today:Michael Schwart - MVP

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Tuesday, January 1, 2008