Silverlight Examples

Michael Schwarz on Monday, June 4, 2007

During the weekend I spent some minutes to collect some of the greatest Silverlight [1] examples. Most of them need the Silverlight 1.1 alpha runtime which is available for download here [2].

If you are missing any great demo or article please use the comments or contact page to add it.

<li>Great <a href="">Visual Studio QuickStarts</a>&nbsp;for Silverlight 1.0/1.1 <strong><font color="#ff0000">New!</font></strong> <li><font color="#000000"><a href="">Silverlight Ink Experiments</a>&nbsp;<strong><font color="#ff0000">New!</font></strong></font> <li><font color="#000000"><a href="">Convert Text to Path</a>&nbsp;<strong><font color="#ff0000">New!</font></strong></font> <li><font color="#000000"><a href="">HTML DOM Interop with Silverlight</a>&nbsp;<strong><font color="#ff0000">New!</font></strong></font> <li><font color="#000000"><a href="">Drag and Drop in Silverlight 1.0</a>&nbsp;<strong><font color="#ff0000">New!</font></strong></font> <li><font color="#000000"><a href="">Game of Life in Silverlight and F#</a>&nbsp;<strong><font color="#ff0000">New!</font></strong></font> <li><font color="#000000"><a href="">Virtual Earth and Silverlight</a>&nbsp;<strong><font color="#ff0000">New!</font></strong></font> <li><font color="#000000"><a href="">Smalltalk based on Silverlight/DLR</a>&nbsp;<strong><font color="#ff0000">New!</font></strong></font> <li><a href="">Silverlight and Google Gears</a><font color="#000000">&nbsp;<strong><font color="#ff0000">New!</font></strong></font> <li><a href="">Creating A Data-driven Control</a><font color="#000000">&nbsp;<strong><font color="#ff0000">New!</font></strong></font> <li><a href="">3D in Silverlight 1.1 Alpha</a> <li><a href="">RadControls for Silverlight</a> by Telerik <li><a href="">Silverlight 1.1 2D Physics</a>&nbsp;with <a href="">Source Code</a>&nbsp; <li>Lutz's <a href="">Digger</a>, <a href="">Monotone</a> and <a href="">Inplay</a>; see also <a href="">.NET Reflector Plugin for Silverlight</a> <li><a href="">DLR Console</a> <li><a href="">Silverlight Chess</a> (JavaScript vs. C#) <li><a href="">SWF2XAML</a>: A Slightly better Flash to XAML Conversion <li>Scott Guthrie's <a href="">blog posts&nbsp;tagged&nbsp;with&nbsp;Silverlight</a> <li><a href="">Silverlight Toolbar</a> <li>Use <a href="">File Open Dialog</a> with Silverlight <li>Microsoft <a href="">PopFly</a> <li>Microsoft Silverlight 1.1 Alpha <a href=";DisplayLang=en">Developer Reference Poster</a> <li><a href="">How-to videos</a> <li><a href="">Silverlight Surface Demo</a>&nbsp;(with <a href="">simple video support</a>) <li><a href="">Silverlight XPS Viewer</a> <li>Miguel de Icaza about <a href="">Silverlight, DLR and OpenSource</a> <li>Eyeblaster Rich Media <a href="">Silverlight AD</a> <li><a href="">SilverNibbles</a> - Converting a Windows Forms Game to Silverlight <li><a href="">Silverlight Controls and LINQ</a> <li><a href="">Silverlight Games 101</a>&nbsp;(<a href="">Silverlight Rocks!</a>) <li><a href="">DLR &amp; IconPython at Codeplex</a> <li><a href=";sort=2#vid46">Silverlight Pad</a> <li>Video support with Silverlight <a href="">Fox Example</a> <li><a href="">AOL Social Mail Gadget</a> <li><a href="">Silverlight Screencasts</a>&nbsp;(more than 20 videos!!) <li><a href="">Silverlight Disco Dance Floor</a> <li><a href="">Silverlights Out 2.0</a> and <a href="">older version 1.1</a> <li><a href="">Silverlight GardientBrush Demo</a> <li><a href="">Silverlight and the Compact Framework</a>&nbsp;(<a href="">Mix 07 demo video</a>) <li><a href="">Dr. Popper Silverlight Edition</a> <li><a href="">Bryant's Silverlight Examples</a> <li><a href="">Asteroids Clone</a> <li><a href="">Binary Clock</a> <li><a href="">Silverlight Scribbler</a> <li><a href="">Silverlight and Security</a> (.NET Security Blog) <li><a href="">Keyboard Input</a> <li><a href="">Silverlight Glass Button</a>&nbsp;(from <a href="">WPF Glass demo</a>) <li>Silverlight 1.1 <a href="">Layout System and Controls Framework</a> <li><a href="">Full Screen Mode</a> with Silverlight <li><a href="">Early version of Snoop for Silverlight</a> <li><a href="">New York Times Reader</a> in Silverlight (video) <li><a href="">The basics of a Silverlight Control</a> <li><a href="">Convert SWF to WPF and Silverlight</a> <li><a href="">Test with Silverlight/CoreCLR</a> (TestDriven.NET) <li><a href="">Fantasy Baseball</a> <li><a href="">Using Playlists in Silverlight</a> <li><a href="">Silverlight Pad</a> to Test XAML Content <li><a href="">Animation Using Keyframes and Splines</a> <li><a href="">Handling Runtime Error Messages in IE and Mozilla</a> <li><a href="">Downloading Fonts Using the Downloader Object</a> <li><a href="">Converting a WPF/E Application to a Silverlight Scripting Application</a> <li><a href="">VB on Silverlight</a> <li>Great <a href="">Silverlight Introduction for JavaScript Developers</a> <li><a href="">Silverlight C# 3.0 Features</a></li>

Blogs about Silverlight (unsorted order)

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