My Silverlight Weekend Summary

Michael Schwarz on Monday, June 11, 2007

During the weekend I found several new examples about Silverlight [1]. Because I'm running several Web sites that need any kind of diagrams I was happy to see these nice examples from Richard: JellyBar [2], JellyGraph [3] and JellyPie [4].

Tamir Khason [5] writes about right-to-left support for Silverlight [6], well, there is no built-in support right now.

Rob Conery [7] is on Day 3 - Creating a Web Service-Enabled Login Control [8].

If you not already know how to make a Silverlight control transparent [9], Pete Brown [10] has the answer for you.

As already discussed in some forums we wish to have Silverlight output support for Camtasia [11] videos. If you like to have this supported with one click directly in Camtasia add your comment at their post [12].

Dave Campbell added some more Silverlight JavaScript tutorials [13].

Jason from VistaDB [14] wrotes more about using VistaDB in Silverlight [15]. In my post from Friday I was very anxious to see it running [16], but I already wrote that not every .NET application or library will run in Silverlight if it is 100% managed code. Silverlight has a very small subset of classes from .NET Framework. If you look at the .NET Compact Framework [17] or .NET Micro Framework [18] there is less supported in Silverlight. In Silverlight until today there is no support for sockets, hardware (i.e. like serial connections), ADO.NET, imaging,... The only way to access a database right now is to create a Web Service or run updates and selects using AJAX requests.