Intel Software Network Videos using AjaxPro

Michael Schwarz on Saturday, April 7, 2007

I talked today with a Intel developer and he showed me where the are using Ajax.NET Professional JSON Library [1]. The Intel Software Developer Network [2] has it's own video library where you can see great videos on several technologies Intel is offering with it's processors. We talked about why they are using AjaxPro and the answer (that I get more and more) is: "we are using Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1". I'm happy to see that the decission to support .NET 1.1 in all my releases was one of the biggest benefits you get when using AjaxPro. Well, Intel talked about using AjaxPro as AJAX library, too. So, maybe we will see more web applications from Intel next time.

Another talk with a big company in India ended with the same results. The created a small library that should do the same work, but when put the web application online they got a lot of feedback that the web application was only working with Internet Explorer 6. Because they already seperated everything in own classes and methods moving to AjaxPro was very easy. About 2 hours work and the web application was running with all common web browsers that support JavaScript and XmlHttpRequest (or IFrame when it is disabled).

On my last German INETA talks we had similar discussion about the main problem most companies have today: they are still using .NET 1.1 or want to add AJAX features to existing web applications which cannot be converted in shortly time.