AjaxPro User Experience

Michael Schwarz on Thursday, April 19, 2007

DotNetSlackers [1] creator Sonu Kapoor writes [2] about Ajax.NET Professional [3]:

"In one my projects, I needed to use some Ajax functionality, so I thought I should try out AjaxPro and see how it works. I was suprised to see how easy I was able to intergrate it into my project. I had few problems here and there, however Michael [4] was able to quickly help me out.

[...] Everything works now like a charm. I am very happy with the end-result and my boss appreciated it as well. I can only recommend this Ajax Library to other developers. I am looking forward to use it more often in my future projects. [...]"

Do you remeber DotNetSlackers? Yes, they won [5] the Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX Mash-it-up contest Grand Prize with GeotagIt [6]! They are also listed [7] at the ASP.NET AJAX showcase.

So, feel free to give Ajax.NET Professional a try and make your own opinion.