AjaxPro more JSON compliant

Michael Schwarz on Monday, April 23, 2007

I put the next beta version online to test the new JSON converters. I have added a new web.config paramter which will bring JSON converters to render a different output.


Next I have added a new attribute to the jsonConverters to not add the __type property which will identify the .NET data type. The new default will be false, so you only have to set it to true if you want to add the __type property to use it later in another request as method argument.

<pre class="csharpcode">&lt;jsonConverters includeTypeProperty=<span class="str">"false"</span>&gt;

The new beta bits are available here: http://www.ajaxpro.info/download/07.04.23.beta.zip [1]. This will be the same Visual Studio .NET 2005 Web project like some days ago. I will put the .NET 1.1 version online when releasing the next AjaxPro final version.