New aghost.js JavaScript for WPF/E

Michael Schwarz on Thursday, February 1, 2007

In my last post [1] I wrote that there is a new aghost.js you need. The main reason is that the December CTP of the WPF/E plugin [2] is only running until end of January, so you have to update your plugin with the February version [1]. If you have installed the old version you will get following error message:

Once you have clicked on ok you will only see an empty placeholder. If you switch to a new web site including the WPF/E plugin it will not display the error message again.

With the new version of the aghost.js JavaScript helper you will get following display instead, which is more user friendly:


But, you may notice that the size of the message box is different to the size you want to use for the WPF/E plugin. To do this I simply changed the aghost.js [3] to add the correct width and height you have specified while creating the container.


So, if you have a WPF/E plugin written that has to fit in the whole page layout you may want to change this.