More WPF/E and Flash Integration Madness!

Michael Schwarz on Wednesday, December 6, 2006

I found again a very nice example on how WPF/E and Flash are working together. Lee [1] has written an example where you will see WPF/E and Flash side-by-side, you don't see the difference.

Perhaps I’m getting carried away. I tend to do that whenever a new technology comes out. This example is much cooler than my last post. I’ve built a new city called Microbe where Flash and WPF/E co-exist peacefully. The left side of the city is WPF/E and the right side is where Flash hangs out. The blue disc travels seemlessly (almost) between the two sections of the city with no problems. This again was made possible by JavaScript, who in this situation is the neutral thrid party.

Have a look at the example [2] and download the source code [3].