A short list of WPF/E exmaples

Michael Schwarz on Thursday, December 14, 2006

http://mtaulty.com/wpfe/ex2.html [2] http://mtaulty.com/wpfe/ex3.html [3] http://mtaulty.com/wpfe/ex4.html [4] http://mtaulty.com/wpfe/ex5.html [5] http://mtaulty.com/wpfe/ex6.html [6] http://mtaulty.com/wpfe/ex7.html [7]  (nice video animation)

My current experience is that WPF/E is a great technology which can be a competitor of Macromedia Flash. The xml syntax is one of the big benefits which can be created with any programming language instead of writing some binary format. The power using media files and transformation is great. I found already a lot of export utilities that convert well-known file types into WPF/E (or XAML).

Update: added more examples in my Google group for WPF/E [8].