Syntax error: line 1 using Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX

Michael Schwarz on Friday, November 24, 2006

I read the last post [1] from Rick Strahl [2] about IE 7 Script Errors. Yes, I found this already on some sites, too, so I started to find the real issue.

For this I started the great Fiddler tool [3] to analyse where the problem is. When you have Script Debugging enabled in your Internet Explorer settings you will get an alert when the script error appears. Don't click on this alert and have a look at the Fiddler output. When I open the example web page [4] Rick is talking about it will always stop at the request for /atlasglob.axd. The web server will send an http error message 302 Found with an redirect to /Message-MSDN.htm?aspxerrorpath=/atlasglob.axd.

In Fiddler you can add JavaScript to handle requests more in detail. So I added two lines to prevent loading of this file:

if (oSession.url.indexOf("atlasglob.axd")>-1) {oSession.oRequest.FailSession(403, "", "");

After reloading the page no script error appears, and the page is currently working the same. If you look through all the requests you will see that the MSDN web page is already using Atlas.js. Is there a common problem with Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX when the atlasglob.axd could not be found? And why is it missing, a configuration error?