What's next with AjaxPro?

Michael Schwarz on Wednesday, November 15, 2006

That's a good questions: what's next with AjaxPro [1]? I'm still working on the Java port of AjaxPro, working already very good. During the port I found several new ideas on how to improve AjaxPro.

The next AjaxPro version has several improvements when using AjaxPro with third-party frameworks or Ajax controls. I have added new providers for Dojo [2], Yahoo! [3] and Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX [4]. What does this mean? The new providers will only generate JavaScript proxies for the configured provider (framework). In the past we had some trouble when using several JavaScript frameworks together. And the use of prototype extensions to standard JavaScript objects are only done by one, now. There will be still an AjaxPro provider which will work like older AjaxPro versions.