AjaxPro on Mono

Michael Schwarz on Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Today I meet Miguel de Icaza [1] (blog [2]) at the Prio conference [3] in Baden-Baden. Miguel is the founder of the Mono project [4] which implements a common language runtime on linux that will be 100% compatible to the Microsoft .NET Framework (means: you can develop using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and run it on cheap linux servers). We had a great discussion about Microsoft .NET (all the available versions), WCF/WPF and, of course, ASP.NET AJAX [5] (Atlas) and Ajax.NET Professional [6] (AjaxPro).

Because AjaxPro is currently not running correct on Mono we had a look together on the problem. And, yes, we will get a bugfix as soon as possible (tomorrow or the day after). AjaxPro is working great on Mono, it was a bug in the past (I would say something like months) and I never tried it again. During our visit at the Prio conference we did a small mistake in the demo application. So, everthing is working!!!

MVP using Mono

Update: Today (16th Nov) I got the message from Gonzalo Paniagua Javier (who is the one behind ASP.NET on Mono) that AjaxPro is working on the current bits. There was some missconfiguration yesterday in the VMware player (Novell offers a great virtual machine with Suse installed including several examples). All the common problems we had with an older version are now fixed, I'm very happy about that!!