Download latest Ajax.NET Professional

Michael Schwarz on Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Download the latest Ajax.NET Professional [1] library and examples for free at [1]. Support and feedback welcome at the Google group [2].

The latest changes:

Version (Discussion [3])

- Fixed bug for Express Web Developer Edition when method does not have  any argument, seems to be a WebDev.WebServer.EXE bug. - Initial version of WebAjaxErrorEvent to log excpetions during AJAX calls.


- Fixed use of JavaScript arguments for onError, onTimeout, onStatChanged. - Added String.isNullOrEmpty and Function.isFunction in prototype.js. - Added AjaxPro.queue.abort to stop running requests. - Changed encoding to UTF-8 on request and response.


- Fixed IFrame support, using JavaScript objects, res.value=null and exceptions are serialized correct, now. - Added new AjaxPro.noActiveX = true|false. Will use IFrame instead of ActiveX if window.XMLHttpRequest is not implemented. - Added JavaScriptUtil.ConvertXmlToIJavaScriptObject and fixed older method JavaScriptUtil.ConvertIJavaScriptObjectToXml (save IJavaScriptObject) to XML. - Added System.Web.HttpContext.Current.Items[Utitlity.AjaxID + ".JSON"] which will hold the original JSON request as a string (see: example.aspx) - Fixed IJavaScriptObjects Value property and ToString. - AjaxPro.toJSON removed blanks in JSON string. - window.XMLHttpRequest will be created on first invoke instead while running the initialize method. - Added new examples for DataView, JSON conext item, convert JSON to xml.