More controls for Ajax.NET Professional

Michael Schwarz on Saturday, November 5, 2005

I get a lot of requests for new controls that are using Ajax.NET Professional [1]. Some don't want to use other controls, they are searching for the best (or right) way to develop such controls. I have added some examples already to my web site at [2]. Because AJAX controls and web sites have to be developed different to current web applications I will create some more examples.

Perhaps you have some ideas what example may be interested?

I'm working on a autocomplete textbox that is working as a web control (so, that you can use the .Text value after a postback). A simple one is included [3] on my web site already. Another control is a simple repeater that is reading only displayed data, if you click on next it will read the next x items/rows (including an internal cache). Most of the controls will run first on Internet Explorer, but using DHTML/DOM it should be no problem to get it running on every modern browser. On thing I have already finished is a button that will post the values of all FORM elements (NameValueCollection).