Ajax.NET Professional Beta available

Michael Schwarz on Thursday, November 24, 2005

I posted a new version to the Google group [1]. Attached you will find a beta version of the next version. I had to recode a lot of parts to get the queue working correct with 2 http connections. Now, if you add this assembly you have to be careful if you use inheritance from the AjaxPro.AjaxRequest. You have to inherit from AjaxPro.AjaxClass instead, now.

1) The extra line "AjaxPro.queue = new AjaxRequestQueue();" is not needed, it is the default configuration.

2) You can specifiy an onLoading, onError, onTimeout and onStateChanged event for the class instance (wrapper) and you can use it as arguments for each method:

Namespace.Class.Method(param1, param2, ..., callback, context, onLoading, onError, onTimeout, onStateChanged);

If you have specified an event on the class it will be used if you didn't used a different one in the method arguments.

3) The timeout has to be configured at AjaxPro.timeoutPeriod, default is 5 seconds.

4) There are now more JavaScript files: prototype.ashx, core.ashx and converter.asjx. These three files and the wrapper files are automatically added to your page if you use the RegisterTypeForAjax method. If you want to use your own JavaScript files you can override each path in the web.config:

<ajaxNet> <ajaxSettings> <scriptReplacements> <file name="prototype" path="~/scripts/prototype.js" /> <file name="core" path="~/scripts/core.js" /> <file name="converter" path="~/scripts/converter.js" /> </scriptReplacements> ...

If you remove the path attribute nothing is rendered to the client except the JavaScript wrappers.