Fixed pre-release for Exception Handling

Michael Schwarz on Friday, November 11, 2005

I posted a pre-release version to the Google group, download the latest pre-release version here [1].

1) fixed the error object, it will now be used instead of res.value:

if(res.error != null) { alert("Message = " + res.error.Message); alert("Type = " + res.error.Type); // i.e. System.Exception }

2) added the coreScript tag to web.config to create your own core.ashx:

<ajaxNet> <ajaxSettings> <coreScript>~/hans.js</coreScript> </ajaxSettings> </ajaxNet>

You can use "~/scripts/mycore.js" for the application path or "/scripts/mycore.js" for the web server root path.

3) added the AjaxRequestQueue to the release version. You can put the following line after the Ajax.NET JavaScript includes to enable the request queue:

AjaxPro.queue = new AjaxRequestQueue();