Michael Schwarz on Monday, October 31, 2005

I have put online one more pre-release version of the Ajax.NET Pro [1]version. See the list of changes and bug fixes (not complete):

- [AjaxMethod(methodName)] has been moved to [AjaxNamespace(methodName)], the same for the AjaxClass - IFrame support if ActiveX control is not available for IE (beta test) - new events onLoading, onError, onTimeout, onStateChanged - cache is working for the same requests, means the same arguments used for the Ajax.NET method - check for the If-Modified-Since date, if not a date return scripts - memory leak fixed for periodical calls - IContextInitializer to access the HttpContext in your classes (see /Examples/Special/demo.cs) - AjaxNonSerializableAttribute, add properties to serialize to JSON using the AjaxPropertyAttribute - re-written code for handling the request (XMLHttpRequest, IFrame and later XMLDOM with GET for Pocket PCs) - ...