Ajax.NET/Atlas Client Debugging

Michael Schwarz on Thursday, October 6, 2005

I read the blog from Rob Chartier [1] and want to show you a feature that is available in Ajax.NET and Atlas. Both libraries are adding debug methods to the client-side JavaScript code.

Ajax.NET Professional: (see online example at http://ajaxpro.schwarz-interactive.de/ [2])

MS.Debug.enabled = true; MS.Debug.trace = function(s){  alert(s);  };

Atlas Framework:

var o = {}; o.FirstName = "Michael"; o.Age = 28;

window.debug.trace("my trace line 1"); window.debug.trace("my trace line 2");

window.debug.dump(o, "", true, "o");

window.debug.fail("my exception");

If you open the page and the JavaScript is executed you will see a additional panel where debug information is displayed: