Ajax.NET Professional Update

Michael Schwarz on Thursday, September 8, 2005

I have updated the example web site with the latest beta version of Ajax.NET Professional [1]. The current version has fixed some small bugs and added full date support including time zone.

Sedisys and I are working on adding the new features to the Ajax.NET Library that is available at http://www.borgworx.com/ [2]. BorgWorX already built some nice controls using Ajax.NET: http://examples.borgworx.net/ [3].

And the best at the end: Tomorrow evening (some minutes before I go to bed to be fit for my travel to Los Angeles and the PDC [4]) I will upload the source code of Ajax.NET Professional. You can have a look at the source code to see how internal things are working, but you are not allowed to build your own AJAX Library for .NET with this source code.