Sending a System.Data.DataSet to an Ajax.NET Professional method

Michael Schwarz on Thursday, September 1, 2005

I have added some small .NET object wrappers to the client-side JavaScript. As an example I have build a DataSet wrapper that you can use to submit a DataSet to the server using AJAX in the same way you are using DataSets on the server-side .NET code:

<script language="javascript">

var ds = new System.Data.DataSet("MyDataset"); var dt = new System.Data.DataTable("FirstTable");

// create the columns dt.addColumn("FirstName", "System.String"); dt.addColumn("Alter", "System.Int32"); dt.addColumn("Datum", "System.DateTime");

dt.Rows.push({"FirstName":"Hans Werner","Alter":20,"Datum":new Date()}); dt.Rows.push({"FirstName":"Witzbold","Alter":333,"Datum":new Date(1977,4,20)});

// you can use a "row object", too var r = new Object(); r.FirstName = "Michael"; r.Alter = 999; r.Datum = new Date(); dt.Rows.push(r);

ds.Tables.push(dt);    // add the DataTable to the DataSet ds

// add a second table to the DataSet

var dt2 = new System.Data.DataTable("SecondTable"); dt2.addColumn("FamilyName", "System.String"); dt2.Rows.push({"FamilyName":"Schwarz"}); ds.Tables.push(dt2);

// ...and submit the DataSet to the AJAX method