Ajax.NET version

Michael Schwarz on Friday, July 22, 2005

I updated the latest release of the Ajax.NET library ( on my website http://ajax.schwarz-interactive.de/ [1]. To download the library click here [2]. The new ajax.dll is not included in the exmaple zip file!

Change log: - fixed missing semicolon in common JavaScript - fixed XML support - added DataView and DataRowView support - fixed some issues for HtmlSelect controls - added bool[] as argument - fixed RetreiveParameters (if there was a "=" in the argument value, long text issue) - fixed Server.Transfer, use RegisterTypeForAjax with the argument Page (this) - fixed Bitmap in classes (removed semicolon at the end of new AjaxImage();)

For all of the developers asking for the source code. SediSys.com will offer the source code hopefully next week. They will go on with the development of the Ajax.NET library as an open source project.