Ajax.NET is now supporting all build-in types

Michael Schwarz on Friday, June 3, 2005

Sorry, I still forgot some types. Now, I added all build-in types. You can download the latest Ajax.NET Library at http://ajax.schwarz-interactive.de/ [1]. The current version is

[Serializable] public class MyClass { public int a = 9; public long b = 1; public short c = 2; public bool d = false; public string e = "Hallo"; public char f = 'c'; public string[] g = new string[]{"ssss", "aaaa"}; public int[] h = new int[]{1,2,3,4,5}; public byte[] i = new byte[]{100, 200}; public byte j = (byte)100; public Guid k = Guid.NewGuid(); public sbyte l = (sbyte)100; public decimal m = 200.5m; public double n = 1.7E+3; public float o = 4.5f; public uint p = 123U; public ulong q = 123UL; public object r = new object(); public ushort s = (ushort)3.0; public char[] t = new char[]{'a','b','c'}; public object[] u = new object[]{1, "a", 'c', true}; public _data v;    // struct public MyClass w = null;

[Serializable] public struct _data { public string A; public bool B; public int C; }

public MyClass() { v.A = "Hallo"; v.B = true; v.C = 99; } }