Ajax.NET and GotDotNet workspace

Michael Schwarz on Friday, April 22, 2005

As I wrote in one of my last blog source code has been copied from the GotDotNet workspace and some files have been changed (removed Copyright,...). I have stopped the workspace because I am not sure how to handle this. Also there is a problem with the maximum member count on GotDotNet. There are still 22 pending users.

I have done a big update on the Ajax.NET DLL. Now, you can build your own JSON converter to use every object on the client by building a converter. Objects can be used as method arguments, i.e. you can send a DateTime value directly from Javascript. Unicode support for request and response is no available. More security checks are made to ensure that the correct method is called. Session variables can be used to get data from the user. In the new version there is no restriction on how many request made at the same time.

Because there are a lot of developers asking for more examples I have added more examples to show the mostly used scenarios.

I will speak at the .NET User Group Franken (Ineta) on Mai, 30th. For more details visit http://www.dodned.de/ [1].