Ajax.NET Wrapper with new features

Michael Schwarz on Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I have added this night some features for the Ajax.NET Wrapper DLL:

- new utility to write needed script tags (Ajax.Utility.RegisterTypeForAjax(Type t)) - the common javascript will be added when one type is registered - Ajax.Utility.HandlerPath and Ajax.Utility.HandlerExtension, web.config must be changed by hand!!

- fixed several bugs for DataSet and DataTable - added exception handling - fixed return value with more than one line, special chars removed - removed the document.title change, the Ajax.NET Wrapper will be still free for everyone!!!

- C# sample is using Ajax.Utility - VB.NET sample now using own classes

Download new Ajax.NET Wrapper DLL: http://ajax.schwarz-interactive.de/download/ajax.zip [1] Download C# and VB.NET samples: http://ajax.schwarz-interactive.de/download/ajaxsample.zip [2]

I will upload a documentation (thanks to Karl) tomorrow morning. There will we a MSDN like overview of all the classes, too.