Microsoft AnitSpyware bug

Michael Schwarz on Friday, February 25, 2005

If have installed the Microsoft AntiSpyware since some weeks. Some applications like DameWare or VNC are marked as spyware, ok, that's ok. But I have big problems while working with scripts (.js and .vbs). Sometimes I want to edit script files with notepad.exe instead of using Visual Studio .NET (it is a little difference when waiting for Visual Studio .NET for a 1 kB file...).

When I right-click on a script file I have a option in my context menu to open this file with a different application, the "Open with..." option. If I click there I can choose notepad.exe. Upps, AntiSpyware has noticed that there is someone accessing a script file that can be virus (Love Letter,...) or a script that will modify the registry, other files and settings. Therefore a message appears with the option to "Block" this script or to "Allow" the action.

Because I want to "Open" the file I click on "Allow". But know the file will be executed instead of opening it with notepad.exe. If I click on "Block" nothing happens. How do I open .JS or .VBS files with AntiSpyware installed? I have one context menu item more that is "Edit". With this menu option notepad.exe will start.