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Using javascript arrays and IFRAME or Frames

I had a look at the http://gmail.com [1] technique for reading data from the client without refreshing the page. I am using this for a long time with the ActiveX Microsoft.XMLHTTP or Microsoft.XMLDOM. But using frames and simple arrays pages are working in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla,... very cool! A simple page can be viewed at http://demo.pctopp.com/incidents.aspx [2]. If you click on a group (there a machine codes for conversion machines) you can see all the incidents for this group. In the background a page is loaded into a frame: http://demo.pctopp.com/incidents.aspx?cmd=showincidents&groupid=1 [3] If you have a look to the source code you can see on how the new values are put to the parent (main) page.

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Thursday, January 27, 2005

Windows Update v6 started

Did not know if there is already a post about the beta for Windows Update v6. I got an email for beta tester, but I think the link is working for all Windows 2003 Servers, http://beta.update.microsoft.com [1]. If you open the link using Windows XP/2000/... you will be redirected to version 4 or 5. Note: the new update webpage is still in beta!!

Posted by Michael Schwarz on Thursday, January 27, 2005