Change MSDE Security and Authentication

Michael Schwarz on Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Yesterday evening someone of the INETA User Group Franken (Germany) asked me how to change the MSDE Security and Authentication. I will describe in some short words how to do this:

- During installation you can add the argument SECURITYMODE=SQL. This will install a new MSDE instance with NT and SQL Security.

- If you have already installed a MSDE instance you have to stop the MSDE service using NET STOP MSSQLSERVER and NET STOP SQLSERVERAgent. After this use regedit.exe to change the LoginMode in HKLM\Software\Microsoft\MSSqlserver\MSSqlServer\LoginMode to the value 2. Now, you can start the two services and login as SA user.

- To change the password for the SA user use OSQL -E and the command sp_password @loginame='sa', @old=null, @new='password'. You have to be a local administrator to change the password for the SA user, but I think if you did not specify a password for the SA user you can connect to the database with OSQL -U sa without asking for a password.

For more details see Microsoft Knowledge Base;EN-US;325022 [1]