ORM.NET 1.3 Released

Michael Schwarz on Monday, March 31, 2003

ORM.NET - Object Relational Mapping Tool - is a powerful development application that auto-generates a data layer object model based on your SQL database schema. The generated run-time component exposes all tables as classes and columns as properties.

Using the built-in DataManager object, users can easily retrieve data from multiple tables based on complex criteria without using stored procedures or embedded SQL code. In addition, data updates, inserts, and deletes can be saved to the database with one call.

No need to write any SQL With ORM.NET, you may never have to write another SQL statement. Simply set the critiera on your data objects, and get the objects you want without having to write any SQL queries or stored procedures. Make complex changes to multiple objects, and commit it all back to the database without any SQL.

Auto generate wrappers for stored procuedures  ORM.NET makes it easier for you to call your legacy stored procedures. Call any stored procedure by invoking a single method call on an object.

More information: http://www.olero.com/OrmWeb/ [1]